Spanish Immersion

All Legacy Christian Spanish Immersion teachers are native speakers or have had overseas experience studying, living, or mission work in various Spanish-speaking countries. We also have Spanish-speaking paraprofessionals that work to enhance the educational needs of the students and create an environment for broader language exposure.

Our Process

Your child will learn to speak fluently while meeting the same academic standards as traditional peers. We use the same curriculum that is used in our English classrooms, it is just taught in Spanish. All core subjects like Bible, Math, Science and Social Studies are taught completely in Spanish, from the first day your child begins their immersion learning. All specials’ classes like Art, Music, PE, and Technology are taught in English.

We began our Immersion program in 2016 and it currently includes students in kindergarten through sixth grade. With Spanish being one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, fluency in this language opens up an array of cultures and opportunities for our students.

Immersion Benefits

Almost all aspects of literacy transfer across languages. When your child learns to read in Spanish, those skills transfer to English quite easily. Research clearly shows that students in a language immersion program often score higher on standardized tests in English than those students who are only taught in one language. Throughout the language acquisition process, immersion students may be able to read better in one language than the other. However, this is a normal part of learning to read, and eventually immersion students read at or above grade level in both languages.

The ability to understand and speak more than one language is not the only benefit of immersion education. Children are able to learn multiple languages early in life, and they do so with ease. Research shows that students gain additional cognitive benefits, academic benefits, and employment benefits. Dual language also has the benefit of expanding cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Our Spanish Immersion Team

Our Spanish Immersion teachers and staff are native speaking or have a Spanish major in elementary and middle school education. Our teachers have come from Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. Because of their experiences and living in a Spanish speaking country, they also bring the Spanish culture into their classrooms and learning.

Spanish Immersion 3rd/4th Grade Teacher

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Spanish Immersion 2nd Grade Teacher

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Spanish Immersion Kindergarten Teacher

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Spanish Immersion 5th, 6th & 7th Grade Teacher

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Spanish Immersion 1st Grade Teacher

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Spanish Immersion Lead Teacher

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