Teaching for Transformation (TfT)

We long to live lives worthy of the Story.

As a Teaching for Transformation (TfT) school, our academic approach values learning opportunities that both challenge your child academically and connect faith to real life in tangible ways. Even our youngest students are already practicing how to live as Christ-Followers and Kingdom-Builders in the classroom and community:

  • Teachers and students connect their lessons to God’s Story of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration
  • Teachers and students practice living as people in God’s Story
  • Empowering teachers and students to connect their learning to loving as people of God’s Story

Through these practices, your children will see the story of God and His people, and discover their role in that story! In doing this, it is our deep hope that our and our students’ legacies will be, as the Psalm proclaims, to share the wonders of God with generations to come.

10 Throughlines of TfT that are taught and modeled at LCS:

God Worshipping – Learners extend both in daily tasks and in deliberate times of praise, their words, actions, talents, and thoughts in awe and celebration of God, who is worthy.

Idolatry Discerning – Learners recognize stories that invite them to seek truth and participate with the truth by aligning learning with the knowledge and 

Creation Enjoying – Learners delight in God’s qualities–his eternal power and divine nature exhibited in what he created.

Beauty Creating – Learners engage in beautiful work that enriches the world and reflects God’s heart for diversity, complexity, and creativity.

Order Discovering – Learners seek and find God’s fingerprints in the intricate, purposeful design of what he has created.

Justice Seeking – Learners pursue restorative transformation, seeking to bring wholeness where there is brokenness.

Servant Working – Learners follow the example of Christ’s selfless love through exercising kindness, empathy, and compassion. 

Earth Keeping – Learners steward, locally and globally, all God has created by pursuing and practicing new ways to tend and care for his creation.

Community Building – Learners build communities of grace and purpose, making space for the belonging of others.

Image Reflecting – Learners mirror God’s goodness through who they are and what they do, and delight in the image of God inherent in ALL people.