At Legacy Christian School, we understand the importance of an excellent foundation. Our elementary classes provide an excellent educational foundation for our students. Beginning in Kindergarten, families may choose between traditional English instruction or Spanish Immersion instruction. This allows families to choose what is best for their child and our strong desire to have them succeed in the early years as well as high school, college, and beyond.


Lifelong learning begins here. From the moment children set foot in Legacy Christian School, our young students become our passion. We consider it a privilege to inspire our students and their academic, emotional, and spiritual growth. Your child will grow in a faith-filled environment with strong academics, athletics, fine arts, and more.

Building a Foundation

We are excited to partner with you as we work together to provide an educational foundation, based on Biblical teachings, for your child to begin a life of learning! We invite you to see for yourselves how Legacy Christian School teaches God’s Word, displays Christ’s love, serves our community, all while maintaining our commitment to academic excellence.

Teaching for Transformation

As a Teaching for Transformation (TfT) school, our academic approach values learning opportunities that both challenge your child academically and connect faith to real life in tangible ways. Even our youngest students are already practicing how to live as Christ-Followers and Kingdom-Builders in the classroom and community.

Through these practices, your children will see the story of God and His people, and discover their role in that story! In doing this, it is our deep hope that our and our students’ legacies will be, as the Psalm proclaims, to share the wonders of God with generations to come.