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Thank you for your interest in supporting Legacy Christian School! Your gifts directly impact our mission to create Christ-Followers and Kingdom-Builders through Christian education.

Our Building a Legacy Capital Campaign has already raised more than $1,650,000 total dollars for crucial building improvements! Fundraising for Phase 2 is now complete and renovations at the East Campus were completed in the summer of 2023.

You can help us finish strong with a gift toward our third and final campaign phase! Your donation will help us remodel the 3rd through 6th grade classrooms during the summer of 2024. DONATE, PLEDGE, or LEARN MORE about the campaign.

You can also DONATE to our General Fund, Tuition Assistance Fund or the LCS Foundation.

In addition to the “Building a Legacy” Campaign, there are other areas you can support LCS. All financial gifts help to further the work of Legacy Christian.

General Fund – helps cover general fund expenses over and above tuition; thereby keeping tuition more affordable for all our families.

LCS Foundation – Provides long-range investing to ensure our legacy continues for years to come. You can also become a Corporate Sponsor. Contact Amy Lourens for more information – The Legacy Foundation also assists in providing funding for tuition reduction and assistance programs, staff development, curriculum development and capital improvement projects, like our current “Building a Legacy” Campaign.

Tuition Assistance – provides assistance to families who otherwise would be unable to provide Christian education for their child(ren).

Other – please specify which special fundraiser or area you would like to support with your gift.

Would you like to make Christian education possible for families that may not be able to afford it on their own? The Legacy School Board seeks to connect families with a demonstrated financial need with supporters of Christian education. The Board invites supporters of Christian education to sponsor a scholarship for at least three years. There are three tiers of support: 25% of tuition, 50% of tuition, and full tuition. These scholarships may be anonymous or named and may support an individual student or a family. Potential recipients will complete an application to be reviewed by our Finance Committee. We sincerely thank you for your interest in supporting Christian education for students at Legacy Christian School. Please complete the following form to outline your scholarship.

Legacy Christian Scholarship Fund


On Friday, October 6, 2023 our students will be participating in the Legacy Christian School walk-a-jog-a-thon. If you are thinking we just had a WAJAT, you are correct. We have moved this event earlier in the school year (was traditionally held in May) to make May a little less busy. Students will be running, walking, or dancing to raise money for LCS. All students in Kindergarten through 8th grade will be participating, but preschool and Young 5 students are more than welcome to come and join in the fun! We wish to extend an invitation to family and friends to join us in helping raise funds for the LCS Parent Club. The Parent Club’s role is to build community for our LCS families as well as provide support for our teachers. Our hope is that each student can obtain at least one donation for the walk-a-jog-a-thon.


Recycle the unrecyclable with TerraCycle!  Check out the list below for the items you can be collecting for our school.  There are drop off bins at both schools for you to drop off your collected items.  This is another great way to raise money for our school, with products that we already buy.

TerraCycle Collection Items

The New Life Thrift Store, located near 44th and S. Division in Wyoming, is a thrift store, partnered with the other South Suburban Christian Schools, the community through gifts of time and resources, to support Legacy Christian School. Shop, volunteer, and donate.

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