School Board

Legacy Christian School is led through the work of our Head of School and School Board Members. School Board members are elected by parents and LCS supporters each year. Each member serves a three year term and is eligible to serve two consecutive terms of service.

Board Members

Jay Morren – President – 2024

Mike Plaisier – Vice President – 2024

Treasurer – Joe Ponstein – 2025

Danielle Mier – Secretary – 2024

Erin Goodman – Vicar – 2026

Todd Brigham – 2024

Lisa Ellens – 2024

Rachael Heyboer – 2025

Marcus Krosschell – 2025

Angela Lee – 2025

Ben Meyering – 2026

Jason Rottman – 2026

Sarah VanOudheusden – 2026

Brandon Williams – 2026


Jay Morren (President)
Mike Plaisier (Vice President)
Joe Ponstein (Treasurer)
Danielle Mier (Secretary)
Erin Goodman (Vicar)
Curt DeYoung (Head of School)

Erin Goodman (Chairperson)
Todd Brigham
Rachael Heyboer
Jeff Krosschell (At-Large Member)
Amy Klooster (At-Large Member)
Tim Leugs (Instructional Leader)
Curt DeYoung (Head of School)

Admissions and Marketing
Lisa Ellens
Sarah VanOudheusden
Leanne Hendrikse (Director of Marketing)
Kim Zwyghuizen (Director of Admissions)

Joe Ponstein (Treasurer)
Angela Lee
Mike Plaisier
Brian Braat (At-Large Member)
Matt Brinks (At-Large Member)
Ryan Musch (At-Large Member)
Amy Lourens (Finance Coordinator)
Curt DeYoung (Head of School)

Marcus Krosschell
Jason Rottman
Steve VandenBerg (At-Large Member)
Matt VanNoord (At-Large Member)
Chad Zwyghuizen (Director of Facilities)
Curt DeYoung (Head of School)

Danielle Mier (Chairperson)
Ben Meyering
Brandon Williams
Amy Lourens (At-Large Member)
Curt DeYoung (Head of School)