We long to live lives worthy of the Story.

As a Teaching for Transformation (TfT) school, our school learning experiences are developed around the creation of authentic, formational learning experiences that help our students to live out their calling to be “Christ-Followers” and “Kingdom-Builders”, sharing God’s wonders with generations to come.

It is our desire for all of our students to see the story of God and God’s People and live out their part in that story.

Studying God’s world through a rich blend of courses

The Bible is God’s Word given to us to show us God’s Story of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration. We study the Bible again and again to learn and practice lifelong habits of listening to God’s call to be a part of the Story.

Finding patterns in God’s world comes naturally to all people – but making sense of the patterns we see requires grit and perseverance. When we work to make sense of the patterns we see, we begin to see God’s order. When we help others to see those same patterns, we practice being servant workers.

Science helps us see God’s fingerprints in creation. We marvel at its intricacy, relationships and variety, seek to understand how God has put these things together, and practice how to recognize the impact we have as creation enjoyers.

Language is God’s gift to help people communicate effectively, precisely, and compassionately. We learn how to understand and interpret others’ communications so we can better understand other people and our place as image reflectors in God’s world.

In Social Studies we learn how God’s Story is at work in all people, in all times. We see both the good in human nature and the bad and the effects of both on our world, and work to become justice seekers that reflect grace and truth in our world.

At LCS, we believe all children are created in God’s image with unique gifts to offer the body of Christ! We partner with All Belong Center for Inclusive Education to provide educational support for all students who have identified disabilities. There are two special education classrooms at Legacy Christian; the Grace Space at the East Campus, servicing K-4th grade, and the Student Union at the West Campus, servicing 5th-8th grade. Each campus has their own special education coordinators who specialize in working with children with moderate to severe impairments, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders. We are also able to provide support for students in our Spanish Immersion program, with Spanish speaking para pros.

Legacy offers Speech and Language, Occupational and Physical Therapy through Kentwood Public Schools and the Kent Intermediate School District.

Dr. Pam White, a mental health specialist who comes to us from Pine Rest, offers both group and individual support at both school buildings. She also provides adoption and divorce support groups, grade level team building groups, girls and boys groups and individual consultations with students.

From Young Fives to 8th grade, Art students at Legacy reflect God’s creative nature as they develop their own creative gifts! As part of our rich art curriculum, students explore art history, identify art elements and principles and learn to use a variety of art tools and media. Throughout the process,students share different parts of God’s story through their creative work.

Physical education is an important part of our students’ education as it encourages them to stay active and healthy. In the early years, PE develops and introduces basic motor skills, movement concepts, and fitness ideas. As students grow, PE classes provide the opportunity for students to develop self-confidence, discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills within the context of a Christian environment.

Music students are tuned into God’s creative design as they explore key concepts through a variety of beautiful music! From Young Fives through 4th grade, students build basic skills and make a joyful noise during special performances, like our elementary musical! During middle school, band, orchestra, and choral students increase their focus on technical competency and demonstrate measurable growth as independent musicians.

Technology is integrated into our Kindergarten-8th grade classes. Students learn to use technology responsibly to communicate, solve problems, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information to improve learning in all subject areas. Students will use iPads, desktop computers and Chromebooks, based on their grade level.

From Kindergarten-8th grade, our English students participate in Spanish classes where they grow and develop their Spanish language skills. Students learn to communicate verbally and in their writing. Not only do they study the language, but also cultures around the world.

Our Spanish Immersion students also have Spanish class. However, they study Spanish cultures, learn in depth about Spanish speaking countries, and explore Spanish authors and poets.