About Us

We Are Legacy Christian School

Legacy Christian School’s mission is to prepare Christ-followers and Kingdom-builders. Our teachers use a reformed Biblical worldview that invites and nurtures students to connect their learning to God’s story. Students learn to fall in love with Jesus and to listen to God’s call for their lives. Our students live out this calling through earth keeping, justice seeking, servant working, and beauty creating while they explore their roles as scientists, historians, mathematicians, readers, writers, and artists. As students grow in their identity in Christ with learning experiences that extend beyond our walls, we partner with God to love our neighbor and in the restoration of his Kingdom. 

Our Story

Legacy Christian’s history began in 1893 with the establishment of Cutlerville Christian School. Nearby, Kelloggsville Christian School began in 1896. Over the last century, these two schools evolved with the ever-changing needs of our students and families, yet our commitment to providing the highest caliber Christian education remains constant. In coming together, we became stronger.

In 2006, Legacy was formed and sits in the heart of Cutlerville, in two separate campuses. Our East Campus is our elementary school, serving students in preschool through 4th grade. Our West Campus is our middle school, serving students in 5th-8th grade. Both of our buildings have had additions, renovations and improvements over the past years, with more to come.

Legacy Today

Today, our school is made up of just over 300 students in preschool through 8th grade. With average class sizes of 18 in K-8, teachers have the opportunity to get to know their students and give them the individualized attention they deserve. Legacy seeks to nurture our students into becoming Christ-Followers and Kingdom-Builders.

Legacy Team

Our certified teachers are rich in experience and education. They have been chosen on the basis of their personal commitment to Jesus Christ as well as their unique teaching skills and passion for Christian education. They are committed to learning and implementing the best teaching practices in their classrooms to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed. More importantly, they consider it a privilege and a responsibility to model Jesus Christ as they seek to encourage students to grow in their own personal faith in Him.



A: Yes, Legacy Christian is accredited through Christian Schools International.

A: Yes, 100% of Legacy’s teacher’s and staff are Christian and passionate about living out their faith.

A: No, Legacy Christian School’s families come from over 85 different churches and many different denominations. Our commitment to Christ and Biblical teachings is what unifies all of us.

  • LCS Preschool – AM-8:45am-11:15am; PM-12:00pm-2:00pm
  • LCS Young Fives – 8:00am-11:15am
  • LCS Elementary – 8:00am-3:00pm
  • LCS Middle School – 8:00am-3:00pm

Legacy Christian donates over $ 60,000 to families every year in tuition aid. We encourage you to explore our tuition assistance options.

Legacy Christian School is dedicated to the instruction of children and young people in the light of the Bible, through which God directs us in our relationships and activities. Our school interprets the Bible through a Reformed world and life view, as expounded in the Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dordt, and Belgic Confession. This Reformed world and life view enables our school to better understand, maintain and teach the following scriptural truths:

  1. God – The Triune God who has revealed Himself in the Bible is sovereign as Creator and Sustainer of the universe and in love, redeems and purifies his people. All study at Legacy Christian must take Him into account, and He must be given first allegiance in our lives.
  2. The Bible – The Bible is the infallible, authoritative Word of God through which God enlightens our understanding of Himself, of ourselves, of others, and of the world. Through His Word He also directs people in all their relationships and activities, and therefore guides them in the education of their children.
  3. Creation – In their education, God’s children must come to learn that the world and our calling in it can rightly be understood only in relation to God. We recognize that we are caretakers of this creation, holding it in trust for our Lord.
  4. Sin – Human sin is radical and pervasive because every person is guilty of sin, and every person is wounded by the sin of others. Human sin causes us to be alienated from God and our neighbors. Sin disrupts the education of children by distorting our view of the true meaning and purpose of life, and misdirecting human culture.
  5. Jesus Christ – Through Jesus Christ, God’s Son, our sole Redeemer, all of life, including teaching and learning, takes on a new perspective. Christ’s death on the cross paid the penalty for our sin, and His bodily resurrection ensures His followers of victory over sin, death, and hell. Christ is the Light and the Way for our life, so that we can be guided in truth and recommitted to love God and each other.
  6. The Gospel – The Gospel is the good news that salvation is the free gift of God, through faith, not by our own works. Communication of the gospel is an important task that is best shared by the church, the home, and the school.
  7. God’s Kingdom – We recognize that God is the sovereign ruler over all, and that this world and everything in it is a part of His kingdom.
  8. Calling – Education at Legacy Christian must help its students understand that it is their calling to know God’s Word, to consecrate their whole lives to God’s service, to love their neighbors, to be good stewards of all He entrusts to their care, and to transform culture, bringing it into subjection to Christ.
  9. Schools – The purpose of Legacy Christian School is to provide a Christ-centered education for students in preschool through middle school.
  1. Parents – The primary responsibility for education rests with parents. Many Christian parents find that having their children taught by Christian teachers in Christian schools, in addition to instruction provided in the home and church, is the best way for them to faithfully meet this obligation.
  2. Teachers – Christian teachers have an awesome responsibility to educate their students in obedience to God. Christian teachers also find that God uniquely equips them with His strength, guidance and wisdom when they open themselves to His direction.
  3. Pupils – Legacy Christian School understands that all of God’s children are uniquely gifted. The school diligently strives to help its students recognize, develop and use their gifts for God’s glory.
  4. Community – Legacy Christian School recognizes and needs the support of the greater Christian community. Our Christian school needs its supporters to pray, to show interest, contribute wisdom and to give generously for the needs of the school.