Early Childhood

We are passionate about teaching children about the love of Jesus. Our Early Childhood programs are dedicated to building up children in the way of the Lord. Through active, play-based education, we introduce children to letters, numbers, science, art, and more! All of our teachers and staff embrace the excitement, curiosity, and energy of each child as they explore learning and using their gifts in God’s world. It all begins here…



The elementary years are an exciting time full of reading, creative writing, math and learning about God’s beautiful creation. We understand the importance of these younger years as an essential time for developing spiritual, academic, and social growth. Our teachers work with students to build a love for learning and a sense of belonging for children of all abilities. All children, including those who have unique gifts and needs, belong here too.


Middle School

Middle school is a time of change, exploration and gaining more independence. It is our deep hope that all of our middle schoolers mature academically, behaviorally, and most importantly, spiritually, while learning how to serve and use their God-given gifts. Our English and Spanish Immersion programs will successfully prepare your child so they can reach his or her full potential to become a Christ-Follower and Kingdom-Builder.


Legacy’s Spanish Immersion Program is an incredible program that is successful in language fluency. Spanish is used as the medium of instruction, rather than the subject of instruction. Beginning in Kindergarten, young learners experience a 100% Spanish environment. This environment creates an incredibly effective way to learn a new language. As students progress into older grades, English instruction is gradually incorporated.


At Legacy Christian, our goal is to provide the opportunity for all students to experience academic, social, and emotional success. By preparing students well, from elementary through 8th grade, we believe we are preparing them to be Christ-Followers and Kingdom-Builders.