Legacy’s physical education program focuses on these questions: “How did the Lord make me?” “How can I move my body the way it is?” “What goals do I have for my health and fitness?” “How can I show others about the Lord through my physical play?” “The body is a gift, how can we use it to glorify the Lord?”


Physical Education is held two days a week for 30 minutes. Half day kindergarten and DK receive one class a week for 30 min.

General Goals:
K-2: PE focuses on introducing students to organized play with larger groups. We highlight sharing and fair play. PE also develops and introduces basic motor skills, movement concepts, and fitness ideas.

3-4: PE begins to take the skills learned in previous years and introduce more sports specific concepts. PE begins to focus more on team skills, problem solving and conflict resolution during activities, games and play.


Physical Education is held two days a week for 40 minutes.

General Goals:
5th: Physical education continues to build and refine the work done in previous years especially with sports skills development. 5th grade is a transitional year. Students begin to get tested on sports skills and knowledge concepts taught during each unit.

6th: Physical education begins to shift towards the idea of lifelong fitness. The phrase that is often used is, “We are not trying to make students that are great sports players, but students that understand a large variety of physical activities that they will be able to use now and the rest of their lives to stay active and healthy”.

7-8th: Physical education begins to pull it all together. There is less emphasis on skill development and more emphasis on developing healthy habits. Students are responsible for physical fitness outside of the school day. Students are encouraged to find physical activities that they like and want to do. The goal is that each student begins to own their health now in order to continue to be healthy down the road.

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