The IPOD (Intermediate Program Of Development) is “the connector” between elementary school and middle school. Our students are neither elementary nor middle school students, but the “tweeners.” As we plan and design curriculum, activities, and goals, we are focused on the abilities and unique needs specific to 5th & 6th graders with a goal of preparing them for the demands of the middle school years. We are a community that works, learns and plays together in a variety of projects. We encourage our 5th and 6th grade students to wonder, ask, explore, imagine, create, and grow academically, socially and spiritually in an environment that is planned just for them!

5th Grade & 6th Grade Highlights:

•Band and Orchestra
•Zoo Lab
•Research Week
•Grand Rapids Symphony
•Bring on the Books!
•Calvin College Chemistry Demo
•Revolutionary War Wax Museum
•Boys’ Group / Girls’ Group
•One Day Focused Learning Events

IPOD Interdisciplinary Projects:

•Weekly Chapels
•All School Small Groups
•Study Skills
•Gun Lake Outing
•Calvin College Singing Service Project
•Mini-Economy Day
•A Walk Through Passion Week
•Still Life Worship Presentations
•IPOD Week