Legacy Christian School Board is responsible for determining policy that governs our school.  Board members are elected by parents and other supporters of the school at our annual society meeting. Terms of service are three years in length. Members of the board are eligible to serve two consecutive terms of service.

2016-2017 Board Members

Lou Northouse – President – 2018
Glenn Carlson – Vice-President- 2018
Jeff McCaul- Treasurer – 2017
Matt Wieneke – Secretary- 2016
Michelle Heyboer – Vicar – 2018
Matt DeJong – 2019
Ryan DeWard – 2017
Nick Heyboer – 2018
Brian Hoekwater – 2019
Kristin Ponstein – 2019
Richard Post- 2018
MaryAnne TenHaaf- 2018
Dan VanderMolen – 2019
Tim VanSolkema – 2017


Lou Northouse (President)
Glenn Carlson (Vice President)
Jeff McCaul (Treasurer)
Matt Wieneke (Secretary)
Michelle Heyboer (Vicar)
Vince Bonnema (Administrator)

Michelle Heyboer
Nick Heyboer
Brian Hoekwater
Greg Schreur (At-Large Member)
Jeff Schumaker (At-Large Member)
Tim Leugs (Instructional Leader)
Vince Bonnema (Administrator)

Kim Zwyghuizen (Promotions Leader, Chairperson)
MaryAnne TenHaaf
Tim VanSolkema
Gail Hansen (At-Large Member)
Gayle Veenstra (At-Large Member)

Jeff McCaul (Treasurer)
Glenn Carlson
Kristin Ponstein
Jeff Barbrick (At-Large Member)
Steve Struck (At-Large Member)
Karen Brinks (Financial Secretary)
Vince Bonnema (Administrator)

Richard Post (Chairperson
Dan VanderMolen
Daryl Holleman (At-Large Member)
Vince Bonnema (Administrator)

Matt DeJong
Ryan DeWard
Matt Wieneke
Vince Bonnema (Administrator)