Nearly 300 preschool, elementary and middle school students attend Legacy Christian School. Our students strive for excellence in their academic and spiritual lives so that their legacy will be, as the Psalm proclaims, to share the wonders of God with generations to come.

Bible: We study the Bible to learn about the story of God and his people and to see how we fit into that story. The Bible is God’s Word, given to us so we know how to become Christ followers and kingdom builders.

Math: Numbers and number systems are organizational gifts from God that help humans in solving problems.  They help us  to invent, to shape things into new things, and to bring order to disorder.  When we do this to honor God, we glorify Him and benefit others and ourselves.

Science: Science helps us see the Creator in his creation. We marvel at its intricacy, relationships, variety, and power and learn how to be good stewards of the wonderful world God has entrusted to us.

Language Arts: Language is God’s gift to help us communicate effectively, precisely, and compassionately. We learn how to understand and interpret others’ communications so we can better understand other people and the world God has placed us in.

Social Studies: In Social Studies we see how God is in control in all things throughout history. We see both the good in human nature (because humans are created in God’s image) and the bad (because humans are sinful) and what effects that has on our world.


Art: God is the creator of shapes, colors, and patterns. Creation is God’s artwork. We are made in God’s image and can also create art which reveals His world to others.

Physical Education:
In Physical Education we honor God with our bodies as we give our best efforts and care about others when we exercise, play games, and participate in sports.

Music: In music, students recognize God’s gifts of creativity and order through listening to, singing, and playing a variety of pieces. We develop our musical abilities so we are able to praise Him more beautifully and bring pleasure to others.

Technology: We use technology responsibly to learn new ideas and skills and to communicate with others quickly and efficiently. This helps us build God’s kingdom more effectively, making the best uses of the resources He gives us.

Spanish: Speaking another language and understanding another culture allows us to be better servants in more parts of God’s world.

Library: In Library we practice the reading and information literacy skills needed for learning about God’s world and serving others.