We long to live lives worthy of the Story.
As a Teaching for Transformation (TfT) school, our school learning experiences are developed around the creation of authentic, formational learning experiences that help our students to live out their calling to be Christ-Followers and Kingdom-Builders:

  • Inviting teachers and students to connect their learning and living to God’s Story of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration
  • Nurturing teachers and students to practice living as people of God’s Story
  • Empowering teachers and students connect their learning to loving as people of God’s Story

We are a school that seeks to help students grow as Christ Followers and Kingdom Builders in all subjects, helping students to see the story of God and God’s People and live out their part in that story. In doing this, it is our Deep Hope that our and our students’ legacies will be, as the Psalm proclaims, to share the wonders of God with generations to come.

Bible: The Bible is God’s Word given to us to show us God’s Story of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration. We study the Bible again and again to learn and practice lifelong habits of listening to God’s call to be a part of the Story.

Math: Finding patterns in God’s world comes naturally to all people – but making sense of the patterns we see requires grit and perseverance. When we work to make sense of the patterns we see, we begin to see God’s order. When we help others to see those same patterns, we practice being servant workers.

Science: Science helps us see God’s fingerprints in creation. We marvel at its intricacy, relationships and variety, seek to understand how God has put these things together, and practice how to recognize the impact we have as creation enjoyers.

Language Arts: Language is God’s gift to help people communicate effectively, precisely, and compassionately. We learn how to understand and interpret others’ communications so we can better understand other people and our place as image reflectors in God’s world.

Social Studies: In Social Studies we learn how God’s Story is at work in all people, in all times. We see both the good in human nature and the bad and the effects of both on our world, and work to become justice seekers that reflect grace and truth in our world.

Art: Art allows us to join with God in the pleasures of being creators. Through practicing habits of creating order, showing expression and turning mistakes into opportunities for learning, we come to understand God’s love for creating beauty in the world.

Physical Education: Physical Education includes much more than exercise, recreation and sports – it involves practicing habits that build self-worth and community. Through cooperating with others, building relationships, and encouraging one another, we honor God through taking steps to physically and emotionally care for ourselves and for our neighbor.

Music: Music allows us as image bearers to enjoy God’s gifts as we listen to sound, but it also allows us to joyfully develop our abilities to create music, bringing God praise and bringing pleasure to others as community builders.

Technology: Technology can allow all people to connect us with or isolate us from one another. As we live out God’s Story in our learning, we seek to better discern and practice how to use technology to further God’s Kingdom.

Spanish: Spanish reminds us of the diversity that exists not only in the world but also in our communities. Learning about a language and culture that may differ from the language and culture we are used to allows us to build community with all people and embrace God’s love of diversity.

Library: Libraries are places that help us to see God’s creation and creativity as practiced by humanity. Through the library, we develop a love of reading and an eagerness to explore Creation and creativity through the gift of Story.